95mins : 2001

Unaware of the ugly secret buried in the land he is hired to map, engineer Richard Markey stumbles into the middle of the violent and lethal past of Ireland's border landscape. When he chances upon the long dead body of an alleged informer, the discovery stirs up old hostilities, setting off a chain reaction of treachery, bloody violence and relentless pursuit.

A pensive work for the fast-moving years of the Celtic Tiger. The film has been noted for its unique treatment of a previously unfilmed border landscape (with photography by Owen McPolin). Despite its dark content its surprisingly upbeat and characteristically symbolic ending has proved accurate given subsequent events.
The film was released successfully in Irish cinemas in 2002 and picked up a Special Mention at that year's Amiens International film Festival.

The film has had many subsequent tv outings, most recently on Hallmark tv on the 8th February 2008. The film was re-released on DVD in 2007 and is available world-wide.

Starring: Brían F. O’Byrne (Million Dollar Baby), Susan Lynch (From Hell, Waking Ned Devine), Brendan Coyle (Tomorrow Never Dies), Ian McElhinney (Michael Collins) and Oisín Kearney.

Co-produced with Dublin-based Grand Pictures the film was produced by Paul Donovan.