2011 Bandit Films

Leitrim film for TG4

Filming has concluded on Homeland – The Stories of Emigrants and Immigrants, a 51min doco for County Leitrim PEACE III Partnership and TG4, the national Irish-language broadcaster.

The 50 minute documentary funded by the PEACE III Programme through the European Union's European Regional Development Fund managed for the Special EU Programmes Body by Leitrim County Council on behalf of County Leitrim Peace III Partnership will capture the experience of Leitrim people who have emigrated and returned to settle in Leitrim as well as people who have migrated to live in the county in recent decades from different countries.

With one fifth of the population it had before the Famine County Leitrim is the Irish county with the most extreme experience of migration nationally. According to director Johnny Gogan “when you look into the story of migration in Leitrim you find a very rich story which is much more than just a snapshot of the country as a whole”.

As an internal migrant himself – Gogan moved himself and his company to Leitrim from Dublin in 1997 – he believes the film will challenge the varied perceptions Irish people may have of the county. “On the other hand Leitrim people will be surprised to see the diversity of stories we have uncovered from under their noses: humorous stories, stories of real courage and national impact. With emigration back on the national agenda, this is a timely documentary for an Irish an audience to see”.

Editing has advanced on Homeland for completion and delivery in late April. The project has involved the close collaboration of fellow Dromahair company Sleeping Warrior Productions. Research for the film has been carried out by Sleeping Warrior's Jim King and editing will be by Patrick O'Rourke. Padraig Meehan provides the soundtrack with an original track from the Dromahair song writing team Glenn Garrett and Kieran Gorman.


The Last Bus Home

The Last Bus Home, Bandit Films 1997 debut feature is now available for download in Ireland and in Germany at Volotov


Mapmaker, the 2001 feature follow-up to Last Bus is now available on DVD in English and in Castellano (El Cartografo) and has recently been making repeat screenings on SKY’s Movies for Men (before the 11pm water-shed!)

The Scaffolder Falls

A short animation film based on a song by Johnny Gogan...Read More...

Na Coisithe

The documentary Na Coisithe has been broadcast on TG4 and can be watched online hereRead More


Ghost Writers

Ghost Writers

"Poets, piss-artists, lovers, worriers; Dreamers, Lefties, witches, gurriers - Johnny Gogan's canvas is the counter-cultural Dublin of the pre-boom era, a city half-emptied by emigration, and dying of corruption. Anyone who came of age in that long-gone town will give a bitter-sweet smile of recognition." Joseph O'Connor

.Johnny's debut novel hits the shelves on March 2nd. Irish distribution is by Argosy Books Read extract